Let’s try this again.

It’s been a few years since I’ve written here. I think about it every now and then but so much has happened, I haven’t been able to wrap my head around starting a new post. So let’s start clean, shall we?

I’m Emily. I am now 25 years old. I have a cosmetology license and I do not use it for anything other than a “professional discount” at Armstrong McCall, and my current place of employment, Sally Beauty. I have been working at Sally’s for almost 5 years now. I took a 4 month break because I decided I wanted to work for my parents’ company, and that ended up how most things do when you work (and live) with your parents.

I like my job at Sally’s because I get to be in an industry that I am genuinely interested in, and I like to sound like I know what I’m talking about. Which I do. Giving people hair advice is easy. Color formulas are easy. Sitting a stranger in a chair and being with them for 4 hours at a time whether you like them or not, is difficult, and quite hard on the wrists.

I have a boyfriend. I know, what a shock. His name is Pat. He is incredibly handsome, multi-talented, and one witty motherfucker. He makes me the happiest I have ever been. We’re in a band together called Let’s Break Up where I play bass, Pat is our singer and lead guitarist. I still try to stay musical on my own. I do crappy acoustic covers on my iPhone and post them to SoundCloud which can be heard here. LBU is playing our first show March 12th at the Bancroft, a bar in Spring Valley that I worked at for about… 2 days.

Hmm… well, thats all the background info I’ll give for now. My most recent news is that I’ve been having crazy ass panic attacks since a little before Christmas. My vision would cut in and out and that would freak me out and make me feel like I cant breathe/am dying, to the point of almost fainting in several places. After talking to my family about my symptoms, they said”dude, you are stressed the fuck out. You just need a new job and some anti-anxiety medication.” This made sense to me because it usually happened whenever I would go into a big crazy store like Walmart and I just hate seeing that many gross people at the same time. The same day my family came to this conclusion, we all walked into a very brightly lit liquor store and I started feeling woozy. My Aunt Julie looks and me and says “DUDE. You need GLASSES.” Apparently she is very light sensitive and had these symptoms before she went and got glasses. Sure enough, I went to the doctor, and I have astigmatism in both eyes. The doctor said it was “enough to drive me crazy.” So that’s that!

Anyway, this post took me two days to write, but hopefully the posts to come are much shorter and much much sweeter.

Here are some pictures to stay updated on my whereabouts, in no particular order:
Here’s a picture from my birthday, Pat bought me a Taylor guitar 🙂11214134_10206470634018389_3516667918613112516_n

aaaaaaaaand a new bass for our two year anniversary


This is Pat’s perfect and totally amazing daughter, PennyLane Roxanne Jorgensen. She means so much to me it is truly out of control.


Look its that ship in Coronado that everyone talked about non-stop for 2 days



Here’s my collection of stuff, in our home studio


These are my best friends, Chelsey and Irving. Irving is also the rhythm guitarist in our band. We went to Riot Fest in Chicago right before I met Pat. I had planned to move there, but meeting him changed everything.


Just a cute picture idk


and here’s a couple pictures of me this week

new glasses yay12745775_10207564812012155_2463570948628876619_n



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